Who we are


Consultiva Wealth Management, Corp. (“CONSULTIVA“)is an independent investment advisory firm, specialized in designing investment strategies, blueprints and portfolios tailored to the specific goals and needs of each client. Read More…

Each client is different: a pension fund requiring an increase in the growth of its assets… an individual planning for retirement, a child’s college education, or how to create his/her own firm… a foundation seeking to assure the perpetuity of its work… an insurance company with liquidity requirements… each one has different investment objectives and particular needs.

Yet, they all need a professional plan to achieve their goals. This is the exclusive role of CONSULTIVA.


ANY PORTFOLIO OF ASSETS should be managed exclusively according to its objectives and liabilities, conforming to its own risk tolerance with no improvisation.


• TO SUPPORT, with our methodology, resources and experience, our clients’ objective to have a SUSTAINABLE level of financial self-sufficiency.


• TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT for objective, creative, conflict-free research that produces focused and measurable investment strategies.

• To be an integral component of the service and support network of endowments, foundations, pension funds and private clients throughout the U.S. including Puerto Rico.

• To design and foster creative savings and investment processes to meet increasing demands of extended life expectancies.

• To nurture a new culture of savings and investment.


At CONSULTIVAwe are committed to the financial well being of our clients. Our goals are clear:

• To be the preferred investment advisory firm, known for our ethics, commitment and excellence.

• To create an environment for objective and conflict-free research that results in effective, focused and measurable investment strategies.


ANY INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO, be it a private pension plan or company reserves, is invested exclusively according to its particular needs, conforming to its risk appetite, and with no improvisation.


Consultiva Wealth Management, Corp. is a Signatory to the UN Global Principles for Responsible Investing (www.unpri.org), as a professional service provider . The Principles, which are voluntary, identify a range of steps investors can take to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in several areas, including investment decision-making, active ownership, transparency, collaboration and gaining wider support for these practices from the financial services industry. As a signatory to the Principles, CONSULTIVA joins many of the most powerful institutional investors in the world in recognizing that ESG issues can be material to investment performance, particularly over the long term.

In addition, we strive to identify those investment management firms that are experienced and prepared to execute such strategies and, through our due diligence process, engage in meaningful dialogue with firms that seek to do so.