Taft-Hartley Plans

Taft Hartley Plans

For many workers, unions represent the collective strength needed to achieve more and better benefits in the workplace. It is the union that, through the process of collective bargaining, negotiates employer contributions for medical, welfare and pension benefits.

The fiduciaries of these plans are called upon to make decisions under the fiduciary standard and ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). Therefore, the reserves that support these and other benefits must be managed with care, prudence and with the guidance of a written investment policy to assure the continuity of and loyalty to the investment process.

Fiduciaries of plans under collective bargaining agreements receive guidance from CONSULTIVA, regarding their fiduciary responsibility, how to establish reasonable investment objectives, how to craft investment guidelines and how to monitor an investment process.

They learn how to measure the success of their programs, which leads to healthier relations in the workplace and at the bargaining table, and ultimately to improved benefits for their members.