Individuals and Families


Financial Planning

Our financial planning process is personalized to meet each client’s objectives. Whether they are parents seeking to provide for their children’s higher education, professionals seeking to properly insure their most important assets, or families exploring how to establish their legacy through philanthropic giving, at CONSULTIVA, we aim to generate suitable solutions every day.

Planning for Retirement

Most of the working public retires with significant income needs, and traditional sources of retirement income, such as social security and pensions, only contribute a portion of those needs. Tragically, few of us plan ahead to enjoy our “Golden Age” with adequate financial resources.

At CONSULTIVA, we help our clients understand the impact of time, inflation and taxes on the quality of their lives, and ponder the cost of their life styles, so that they are able to build estates that will support them during their retirement years, and can successfully extend throughout and beyond their lifetimes.

Supporting Families

Conserving estates for heirs is also a very sensitive issue. There are significant differences in estate taxation among different geographical locations. At CONSULTIVA, we develop investment strategies designed to seek compliance with a family’s financial objectives on the basis of after-tax results, investment costs and other estate planning issues.

We help our clients to determine the net amount to which the estate should grow in order to meet obligations beyond the client’s lifetime, and that assets are passed on to the beneficiaries as completely as possible.