How We Do It

How We Do It3

At CONSULTIVA we fervently believe in our clients’ intellectual independence. Therefore, we facilitate a process geared toward procedural and financial self-sufficiency through ongoing counsel and education.

We take a didactic approach to our work with our clients. This allows us to facilitate more effectively and adequately the evaluation and decision making dynamics that address the issues of higher priority. We seek out the points of most consequence to our client, and then map out and document the most appropriate investment procedure.

From the experience acquired over a decade, we’ve designed a multi-phase approach that guides us in defining, articulating, implementing and monitoring the investment plan. Some of the crucial questions we at CONSULTIVA consider are:

• When is the money needed?

How much money will be needed?

What sustained savings capacity does the client have?

How quickly must assets grow?

How quickly will assets be drawn?

Is it desirable to perpetuate the assets, or does the client prefer to consume principal?

What are the client’s tax attributes?

What is the client’s concept and tolerance for risk?