Defined Benefit Plans


With the assistance of trained actuaries, CONSULTIVA’s advisors study the liabilities of a plan in order to determine the pace at which assets must grow to sustain or achieve a fully funded status. This helps identify a required rate of return. From this point, we assist the fiduciaries in determining an appropriate combination of investments in line with the desired returns and with as minimum volatility as possible.

We then assist in designing and drafting a written investment policy that articulates the fiduciaries’ thinking relative to, among other things, roles and responsibilities, investment objectives, strategies for managing risk and information protocol. This written plan also serves as a guide to investment managers charged with the implementation responsibilities.

Evaluating and selecting appropriate investment managers is the next step. We take great care in bringing together the investment managers who, in combination, present the risk/return attributes our clients require. The final step is to continually monitor the implementation.