Asset & Liability Management


Asset & Liability Management (ALM) is the process of evaluating and executing actions to manage the Credit Union’s risks.

CONSULTIVA has developed an integrated and comprehensive system with which to manage assets and obligations, which has been tested over time.

A good ALM program helps executives and fiduciaries clearly understand the institution’s complete financial picture. It also helps them determine the exposure to different types of risks so appropriate measures can be taken to protect and minimize possible adverse effects. Lastly, it facilitates and simplifies decision making when it comes to investing.

Credit Unions that employ ALM effectively can perform at a higher level and serve their members better.

CONSULTIVA offers continuous consulting and advisory services to:

Rigorously evaluate Assets and Obligations

Redesign and adopt ALM policy statement

Redesign and adopt Investment Policy Statement

Report periodically on current Asset & Liability position and Investment Portfolio results.

Effective ALM alone will not guarantee that a Credit Union will become a higher performer, but it could increase its possibilities for success and improves fiscal health.