A Message From The Founder

Message CEO(rev12feb)

The team at Consultiva Wealth Management, Corp. continues to work steadfast to help clients manage the challenges and uncertainties of the world’s economies. As prudent fiduciaries, we follow the course of thorough and objective analysis, and design solutions to mitigate the risks that are faced when growth rates higher than 1% are required. To that effect, we continue to increase the effectiveness and speed of our research, communications and implementation of investing solutions.

New projects, clients and collaborations continue to knock at our doors, helping us reaffirm our reason for being: To serve as a place where capital meets a well informed and intelligent conversation, and trustees receive the support they require to create responsible solutions and reach shared goals. We strongly believe that it is in this function that we thrive, and that we make a difference in the lives of the people and the communities we serve.