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The Pursuit of 8%: IMPACT! Global Economic and Capital Market Perspectives for 2018

CONSULTIVA International’s Investment Strategy Committee hosted its annual conference for the Firm’s clients, guests and partners on Friday February 23, 2018. The Firm’s leading executives presented CONSULTIVA’s capital markets review for 2017 and global economic outlook for 2018. The conference also included special presentations and discussion panels on the Firm’s areas of expertise.


Welcome, to the thirteenth edition of our annual conference "The Pursuit of 8%". The year 2018 is presenting itself as one of transition, because after several years of rising markets, we are beginning to notice changes in global economies that can increase volatility in the capital markets significantly. The impact the US tax reform is starting to have on world economic growth, inflation and interest rates is striking. This will challenge investors greatly as they search for income generation opportunities and corporate gains.

For Consultiva, 2017 was another year of innovation and growth, with new clients and new projects that reaffirm the vision and mission that have guided us since our creation: to be the place where institutional and family capital finds responsible and prudent solutions for its conservation and growth. With this purpose in mind, we seek to generate an informed and intelligent conversation with our clients, and provide advisory services that are governed by the best practices and the highest standards of fiduciary duty in the investment industry.

2017 Capital Markets Review

The Firm’s Chief Investment & Research Officer, Ms. Evangeline Dávila, summarized the Committee’s review of the past year’s economic factors affecting capital markets, and shared its outlook for 2018 and the next sixty months.

View or download a summary of the presentation here.

Global Capital Markets Panel

Ms. Eileen Rivera, Managing Director and CONSULTIVA’s Due Diligence Officer, served as moderator in a discussion with a group of experienced managers from investment companies in the U.S. The panel provided its views on equity and fixed income markets, investment opportunities across the globe, and insights into risk management strategies in different asset classes.

View or download a summary of the discussion here.

Local Economic Development Panel

Mr. Ernesto Villarini, Managing Director and CONSULTIVA’s Impact Investing Officer, served as moderator in a discussion among a group of local economic development leaders. The panel provided their views on opportunities for economic development through research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture-backed businesses.

View or download a summary of the discussion here.

Special Address

The Executive Director of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, Ms. Natalie Jaresko, was a guest at this year’s conference and she shared her views with the audience in regards to Puerto Rico’s economic recovery and development.

View or download a summary of the discussion here.



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